Wally Chidiac

Since founding Rahnch Constructions Pty Ltd in 1990, Wally has seen the company develop into a reliable and trustworthy construction contractor partnering with its clients.  The company has delivered numerous projects and achieved outstanding results for its stakeholders and clients.


Wally started his career working for reputable contractors in a variety of roles such as estimator and project engineer.  He continuously learnt from his experiences and developed his skills and as a result was provided opportunities in some of the largest and most complex projects such as project engineer on the Sydney Opera sea wall upgrade project with John Holland and the Darling Harbour program of works as contracts manager to various projects including the Exhibition and Convention Centres with Leighton Contractors.


As Director, Wally is responsible for developing and managing the Rahnch Constructions Pty Ltd strategy which includes its mission ‘Build Better’, vision and goals.  With over 35 years of experience he has been involved early in his career managing large multi-billion dollar projects to successfully managing Rahnch Constructions Pty Ltd for 30 years.  Wally has led Rahnch Constructions Pty Ltd in a steady and reliable manner in the delivery of its services and gradual growth to a medium sized construction contractor specialising in various sectors. 


Wally enjoys creating a platform to provide its services based on reliability, integrity and the ability of staff where they can develop and perform confidently to deliver exceptional results to our stakeholders and clients.  Wally remains driven to lead Rahnch Constructions Pty Ltd into its next phase of growth with its aim of undertaking larger scopes of work in a variety of sectors with the same tradition of creating a positive environment and delivering exceptional results.

Sam Chidiac

Systems and Project Manager

With approximately 30 years of construction and project management experience, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to Rahnch Constructions Pty Ltd.


Sam has worked both in the construction contracting and project management environments.  He has worked on a variety of private and public projects including large public facilities, commercial, educational and university based, telecommunications, health, justice, other government-based sectors and civil projects.  From his project management experience Sam has advised public and private clients on the delivery of their projects.


As Systems Manager, he is responsible for establishing the strategy to develop the company’s systems and processes across all its projects.  Sam is committed to bring positive change and achieving more for the staff, stakeholders and clients and to sum up, it is to ‘Build Better’.


As Project Manager, he has the same commitment to ensure project outcomes are understood, then planned and delivered using our systems, processes and people and as expected by our stakeholders and clients.  His approach is also based on collaborating with transparency, integrity and in a structured approach so as to align to the company’s strategy, create positive relationships and successful outcomes.